Lessons timetable

Aquagym   11:00am - 11:45am   11.15am - 12.00pm  
        8pm - 8.45pm  
Yoga   5.45pm - 6.45pm      
    7pm - 8pm      
    8.15pm - 9.15pm      

Price List

Subscription 10 sessions Annual (Aquagym)
Rates 150 € 450 €

Water Aerobics Classes

From 2 to 10 persons lead by Meggy Lucas, certified sports instructor (+33 6  85 45 31 40).

Getting the best results for the least amount of effort. Water Aerobics: A form of aerobic exercise performed in a swimming pool with extensive benefits. It contributes to looking fit and truly be in great shape, fight cellulite, increase flexibility and muscle mass, improves posture, the cardiovascular system, circulation, and it diminishes pain due to arthritis or any previous injuries. It is a great way to challenge yourself without putting stress on your joints due to the lack of contact-shock with the floor. Working out in the balneo swimming pool allows you to receive its great therapeutic benefits and having a great time as well. This sport is great for all levels and non-swimmers as well.

If you are looking to take full advantage of Water Aerobics’ benefits, we recommend that you take classes Twice a week. Classes for 2 to 10 participants adapted to everyone’s rhythm.


 Cours de Yoga

"Nous ferons ensemble des postures corporelles (Asanas) au rythme de votre souffle, des exercices de respiration (Pranayama) et de relaxation. La pratique du Yoga vous permettra de développer la tonicité du corps, votre souplesse musculaire et de vous sentir en harmonie avec votre corps et votre esprit. Les changements que le Yoga apporte sont profonds."  Paulina, professeur diplômée. 

  • Yoga : Exercices de respiration, de relaxation, postures vous permettront de développer votre souplesse musculaire et de vous sentir en harmonie avec votre corps et votre esprit, en intérieur ou extérieur. (selon la météo)
  • Nombre de participants : 2 à 6 personnes par séance
  • Niveau : débutant à expert

Other prestations

  • Aquaphobia - Swimming Lessons for all ages : Private Lessons 30 €, Collective Lessons 20€ (maximum 4 participants)
  • Fitness Room (GYM) : with a nice view and Heubozen exercise machines. Private Coaching available upon request
  • Bicycle rental : (9 € a day) Ideal to ride along the Loire and Sèvre rivers
    Yoga lessons with Paulina LEDESMA, degree yoga teacher. Breathing exercises, relaxation exercises, stance positions which will allow you to develop your muscular flexibility and also allow you to be in perfect harmony body and soul. 15 € : one hour lesson. 
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