Pleasures to delight your senses and your mind

As a central area of Resid’spa, our Spa is 225 m² area devoted entirely to your care and wellness. At your disposal:

  • A nice indoor swimming pool heated at 30°C with massaging jets (for back, feet) with a beautiful viewing landscape
  • The “HealthMate” infrared sauna which allows relaxation and an optimal purification of the body in an pleasant atmosphere. Better than a traditional sauna the HealthMate sauna provides a less aggressive environment with a temperature of 45-50°C compared with the traditional sauna witch can go from 80 to 100°C. The benefits are undoubtable as you will eliminate till 7 times more the toxins.
  • A massage room, conceived for a solo or couple relaxation and well being (mandatory booking).

Clairjoie cosmetics are made with :

  • Between 99 and 100% of natural ingredients
  • Over 10% comes from organic culture entre 99 et 100%
  • There are paraben, phénoxyéthanol, colorant, chemical fragrances free

A large pallet of treatments and massages

Having a partnership with several “CLAIRJOIE” diplomas aestheticians we offer a large pallet of treatments and massages idyllic for softness and relaxation


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