Along the Loire river

Only a few meters from Rèsid’Spa, you can discover and experience the Loire and Sèvre rivers by taking a walk or going for a bicycle ride.

- Along the Loire river, which is the longest river in France, you will come across Trentemoult, an old fisherman’s village with its colorful streets and their cozy and welcoming restaurants- one of the most beautiful views in Nantes with no doubt.  

You will embark aboard the Navibus and go across the river to find the Fosse docks- which are crucially important Nantes’ rich history. You can either take a boat for a cruise for the day- which will take you up to the ocean, or take a walk to visit the old shipyards.  

You also can enjoy a cruise from Nantes to the Atlantic Ocean.

The “Machines De L’Ile” is a place where great machines live and are ready to amaze and enchant you. This location was completely arranged to give life majestic machine creatures and worlds like Nantes born Jules Vernes’ “Invented Worlds”. You will be able to come across or even get a ride on the elephant or the “Marine World Carousel”. 

In just a few steps, you can have a drink on the various breweries or enjoy a meal in the many bars and restaurants there are to choose from on « hangars à banane ».


In Nantes town center

Downtown Nantes is only 5 minutes on the other side of the Loire. 

In Nantes must sees:

-   The passage Pommeraye, Time square of Commerce, Royal and Graslin which are connected by Crébillon Street, Nantes shopping center, Kervéguan street (where some builings are sinking and coming closer to each other), the Latin neighborhood of Bouffay, Versailles Island and its beautiful Japanese Garden.

We recommend to visit the “Jardin des Plantes”, a wonderful experience for all, specially for garden enthusiasts. This is where the first Magnolia was welcomed in all France. The “Parc de Procés” and the wonderful Roseraie de La Beaujeoire is highly recommended as well.


Along the Sèvre River

Along the Sèvre River, you will come across bucolic parks with playgrounds for children: “Parc de la Morinière” and the “Jardin des plantes de Rezé”. You can also enjoy a meal or have a drink along the many restaurants and bars along the Sèvre.

Walk for few kilometres and you will arrive at Vertou and its very charming "Chaussée des moines”. 

A great activity that we highly recommend is to visit the Muscadet region and one of its many castles to enjoy a sampling of their world-known wine and enjoy the place where it is born and produced. 


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